As a licensed General Contractor we can provide quality service with the experience required to maintain a reputable status throughout the projects scope while being on time and on budget. With a well-managed project, our clients are able to create a positive impact on those involved in the project and the surrounding community. Allow us to manage and coordinate the project in the most efficient way, ensuring it stays on track by providing and recommending superior contractors and vendors to complete the tasks required.

Let us take the burden of handling the day to day operations, inspecting work throughout the project, staying on top of potential changes, ensuring all needed permits and paperwork are completed, while keeping it all in check and stress free as possible.

Making the numbers work

From concept to commissioning we practice an adaptive management style, free of rigid procedures and communication, which allows us to react quickly and easily to changes in the environment.  The importance of this cannot be overstated.  We can do deals that others cannot precisely because our management and tradespeople function in an environment where creative thinking is highly valued, nurtured and rewarded.  We have a strong contingent of highly skilled carpenters and tradesmen.  The blend of our management philosophy, manpower and decades of hands on experience yields lower costs to build and higher returns for our clients and investors.

Pre-Design Phase

The first step in our process is to understand the Owner’s goals in terms of ROI or intrinsic value.  We then enter the feasibility phase where we work with the Owner and local planners to determine the highest and best use for the property. Finally, we scale the project to strike a balance between cost to build and ROI in order to deliver a theoretical maximum return in the minimum time.  This is all done prior to design phase.

Design Phase

Urban Renewal projects can have competing multi- jurisdictional guidelines. Many of these types of projects are in historic corridors for example. We work as the liason between designers and governing bodies to make certain that the proposed designs will be well received and balanced with the Owner’s requirements in terms of overall aesthetics and end use.


We coordinate and perform limited demolition as required for structural evaluation and to facilitate MEP planning and design.  We provide the logistical planning required to move men and material to jobsites that can seem virtually inaccessible.


UDP leverages the aforementioned resources to swiftly and efficiently implement the scope of work, quickly building a momentum that we maintain throughout the project.  We are continually revising and adapting the critical path to changing conditions in order to make maximum daily progress so that we can deliver on time and on budget.

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